No Bon Jovi News to Report

3 05 2007

Just so everyone’s aware, Jon Bon Jovi didn’t do anything AFL related on American Idol last night. So, there’s no longer a chance of “You got your football-adjacent-sporting-event into my unstoppable entertainment juggernaut!” “You got your… no, that’s about the best we could hope for.”

[Update: You know who else noticed JBJ’s Philly Soul t-shirt? Tony Kornheiser. He noticed (and name-checked the AFL) on Wednesday’s Tony Kornheiser Show. It airs on Washington Post Radio, but I listen to the podcast the next day, so I’m 24 hours behind…]

We now can return to being confused and frightened by American Idol. Maybe some other team owner can do something silly. I’ll keep my eyes peeled. Courage.




One response

3 05 2007
J Fizzle

Everyone, please welcome guest poster Katie Couric, who is now only about three months away from being on the job market. Hey Merril, I think we may have someone to take over Jaws’ spot in the AFL booth with you whenever he’s busy shipping sandwiches to Mike Ditka or teaching car dealers how to properly inflect their voices for radio commercials.

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