1 05 2007

Before we get to the rundown of It’s Still Football’s Voyage To an Actual AFL Game, I just want to throw out there that Philadelphia Soul Owner Jon Bon Jovi will be hanging out on American Idol this week. This could. Be. Great. Will he let his emotions get the better of him if Phil Sligh (is he still on the show?) forgets the words to “Have a Nice Day,” and give his criticism in the most concise way he knows?

Sit and spin - twice

The It’s Still Football Bankingdrome Branch Office denizen (me) has rehearsal during this evening’s airing of American Idol, so I might TiVo it, assuming the Official Yeti Roommate doesn’t object. But if my co-editor is so inclined, perhaps he can let us know if the following things happen, so we can move this into the realm of Certified Relevant:

  1. A mention is made of the Philadelphia Soul. We also will accept Arena Football references. Extra points are given for Soul-based puns.

  2. Somebody sings “We’ve Got it Goin’ On.”

  3. JBJ whips out the double deuce.

In my somewhat limited experience with the phenomenon that is Idol, I recall that “Karaoke” is often used as a pejorative when critiquing the semi-exploited teen-to-twentysomething aspirants. What are they going to do when these singers are obligated to choose “Wanted” or “Livin’ on a Prayer,” or “You Give Love a Bad Name,” hm? These songs are the bedrock upon which Karaoke is built. I will give you $10, actual American money* if you find one Karaoke night that doesn’t involve at least one of these songs, AND, I will double my bet* if the place doesn’t go up for grabs when the intoxicated patrons realize that it’s Bon Jovi Time. Anyway, I’m off-topic. We’ll have blurry cheerleader photos later.

*Note: this is a lie. No actual money will change hands. Please replace “actual” with “metaphorical,” or “fraudulent,” or “non-existent”.




3 responses

1 05 2007
J Fizzle

Provided I’m able to escape the DMV, aka Dante’s Eighth stage of hell, I’ll check it out. Something tells me we’re going to have to rely on Official Yeti Roommate, though, because chances are I’m going to be waiting in line until approximately Thursday.

1 05 2007

Holy Shit! “Philly Soul” on JBJ’s shirt. That counts, right?

2 05 2007
J Fizzle

Indeed it does. Attention, everyone: Will gets a cookie!

As it turns out, I was at the glorious Department of Motor Vehicles and Metaphorical Sodomy until the wee hours of the late evening, so I missed out on this one.

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