Good Morning, Sunshine

30 04 2007

Brief notes on things humans might find interesting. I am keeping int brief because I just discovered 30 Rock this week, and I just discovered that you could watch it on today. So, I’m going to level with you: my schedule’s pretty much full.

The Official Yeti Roommate of It’s Still Footballwas in The Vegas over the weekend, and I received a text message Saturday evening that said “The GA  Force are giving 8 points to the No Voodoo going away. The V must suck,” to which I responded “GA is really good, and NO are the streakiest bunch of streakers to ever streak. Give those points.” He won. I am a genius. Thank you, AFL, for making me look smart. Smarter. Okay, smart-ish. Also of note, he placed a $5 bet (and won $9.50) because he was a sissy. And then lost at craps, and told his special ladyfriend that she was bad luck, and that went over about as well as you’d expect. But I digress.

Secondly (and perhaps more importantly), your ISF Team will be actually attending a real life Arena League Competition this evening at Chicago’s “Allstate Arena” Rosemont Horizon Venue For Monster Truck Rallies, Secondary Professional Leagues, College Basketball, and American Idol Tour Concerts. This is something we’re very excited about and hope to document. So, if you happen to be watching or attending the game, look for us. We’ll be the ones attempting to visibly radiate ironic detachment. I’ll try to think of some more obvious descriptor later. Early prediction: Chicago 72, Philadelphia 56.

Back to 30 Rock.




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