Week 9 CMRP

27 04 2007

Sit and spin - twice

Oh cruel fates, it would seem that today TC’s puppy-slaughtering duties for his Investment Banking Overlords has been outsourced to me; I am so buried in puppy hides to be billed and processed that I don’t even have the time to gaze longingly at the strip club across the street from my office.

Power Rankings and Pillow fights may be posted tonight should the evening schedule permit it, but as for right now I’ll simply state the Week 9 Can’t Miss Random Pick:

CHICAGO 72, PHILLY 56. TC and I will be in attendance at this Monday Night (Arena) Football match up where we will be able to bask in Bobby Sippio’s magnificence. Take the spread, Bon Jovi. You can sit and spin, bitch.




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