Almost breaking news: ‘Reverse Kurt Warner’ cut from Las Vegas… a week ago

18 04 2007

Reverse Kurt Warner


At It’s Still Football, we quite enjoy ribbing Gladiators’ QB Shaun King inasmuch that he’s an NFL discard that has been more or less useless in the AFL (and led the Can’t Miss Random Pick to a 0-1 start). Needless to say, we were shocked, shocked I say, to learn that the reason that Mysterious Brian Jones started at QB and almost lead Las Vegas to an upset victory over Georgia wasn’t that Shaun King was benched, it’s because as of last Wednesday, he’s been out of a job. From the AP:

“Former NFL quarterback Shaun King has been released by the Las Vegas Gladiators as part of a shakeup following a 1-5 start in Arena Football League play.

Gladiators General Manager Sam Jankovich said King was hurt early and never achieved the success the team anticipated.

…[King] said he was disappointed that his stint in Las Vegas didn’t work out, but said he had been contacted by some NFL teams and might consider another AFL offer. King said he also might consider coaching.”

You hear that, AFL/NFL teams? King, who this season compiled a 95.0 passer rating (in the AFL), is on the market.

Tampa Bay, you might want to take note. Your AFL franchise could use a helping hand, and let’s be honest, Primary Gruden has been picking up old QBs like so many free samples of Trident at the dentist’s office. King already has a Bucs uniform.

Rohan Davey, you’ve been promoted to “Reverse Kurt Warner B”. Shaun King, you’re demoted to “Reverse Reverse Kurt Warner”. Your editors are demoted to “j fuzzle” and “tic tac” for letting yet another breaking AFL story fall through the cracks until the end of the day. We’re going to go sit in the corner and think long and hard (hah!) about what we’ve done.

And then we’re going to return Primary Gruden’s phone message; apparently he wants us to visit Tampa to do a few workouts.




3 responses

18 04 2007

For the record, I mentioned this in my haiku power rankings shortly after it happened. I guess I could’ve elaborated, but I only had 17 syllables to work with.

18 04 2007
J Fizzle

Let the record show that TC did in fact mention this in his haiku; he is hereby reinstated to “TC” and promoted to “j fuzzles’ Overlord” until 11:59pm tonight.

His haiku was just so damned haiku-y (to his credit, my haikus read very limerick-y, tone-wise) and I was so pre-occupied with my business-related travels I completely missed this one.

Hugs and kisses, Overlord? Might the Temporary Underling be blessed with a pat on the head?

6 09 2007
Robert Levy

I could do alot for this team I fill just give me a way in and I’ll prove it.

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