Preview for Monday Night (Arena) Football: Philly at Dallas

16 04 2007

I feel really lame thinking this, but as far as AFL games go, tonight’s match-up promises to be, well… awesome. This game could be better than the Arena Bowl – it’s like the Patriots-Colts AFC title game this past year. This is the hardcore AFL fan’s wet dream. Our reaction, however, as editors of It’s Still Football (“Not Giving a Shit Since March”), is a passing and mild interest in this game, which is far more than could be said for pretty much anything else that’s happened this year in the AFL (aside from drunken fans and angry owners), or in any year of the AFL, for that matter.

Instead of giving you a preview based on stats, which is totally lame (and Dallas QB Clint Dolezel’s numbers are WAY better than Philly QB Tony Graziani’s are), let us break it down like this:

Dolezel attended East Texas State, and after graduation joined the Milwaukee Mustangs in 1995, and has been cycling through AFL franchises ever since.

Graziani was a four-year letterman at Oregon, and in 1997 was drafted in the 7th round by the Atlanta Falcons, where he played until 1999; in 2000 he played for the Browns and the Barcelona Dragons before being picked up by the Los Angeles Avengers.

Clearly, Graziani is a better football player, right?


Except this is arena football, which as Jaws and Mike and Mike know (and no-one else believes) is far more difficult a game to master than traditional NFL gridiron play.

Edge goes to Dallas. Take the points and the spread. If they happen to be favored by Vegas. I have no idea.

Some combination of J Fiz and TC vaguely promise to live-blog tonight’s game (this season’s first nationally televised Can’t Miss Random Pick!), ESPN2, 8 EDT, so you don’t have to actually bother watching. We recommend watching “America’s Game” on the NFL Network, featuring a look at the ’67 Packers and the Ice Bowl, which further proves that Jaws’ claims about arena ball being a tougher sport are total bullshit.




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