Week 7 CMRP

12 04 2007

Your favorite J-named editor is about to head to the friendly confines of O’Hare International Airport </sarcasm>, as of today through Sunday night he’s going on business to West Palm Beach, Florida, home to the second-greatest per-capita percentage of male-model-spandex-rollerbladers on the planet, where he will spend his days doing whatever the hell it is he does, and the nights scouting out strip clubs to rival the one across the street from his office, and perhaps (perhaps?) catching some AFL action on our favorite ESPN-sub channel (after ESPN Classic). No time to review this week’s power rankings, and after how last week’s turned out [Editor’s note: I won’t even link to it because it is one of the low points of my life, narrowly trailing “Arrested Development” being cancelled on Fox] I think it’s best for everyone.

WEEK 7 CAN’T MISS RANDOM PICK: Chicago over whoever they’re playing, 63-41.

What? Chicago isn’t playing this week? Fuck.

Dallas over [gulp] Philly, 63-56 – I pray for the 2-3 record of CMRP that Philly doesn’t succeed in taking out their no-longer-undefeated-rage on only-undefeated-team-left-but-just-barely Dallas. Get thee to the airport!

UPDATE:Successfully in West Palm Beach! No sign of Other Gruden or Primary Gruden, which is appropriate since this is neither Orlando nor Tampa Bay. TC has been alerted via courier pigeon that he is now in total control for the rest of the week [Editor’s note: I don’t think anyone has tried to pull rank on one another, which is good because we exist in a blogging Utopia], so I leave you now in his soft and capable hands.




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