We f’d up

10 04 2007

Sit and spin - twice

Here at It’s Still Football we pride ourselves on staunchly reporting the on-goings of the AFL with a take that is best described as “bemused contempt and unwarranted loftiness”. Our greatest moment thus far was being the only site on the Internets to painstakingly analyze the now-infamous fan interference of Dallas-Orlando Monday Night (Arena) Football fame [Editor’s note: infamous to all 73 people on the planet that thought to Google ‘AFL Fan Interference][Editor’s note: 74 if you count my dad] which was featured as a link on Deadspin, not that we’re living in the past or anything.

Try to find when we were linked to on Deadspin!

Anyway, J Fizzle was pleased to see that TC took the time to live-blog last night’s much-hyped (by Jaws) match between Georgia and the until-then undefeated Philadelphia Soul, because J Fizzle missed the game while working off a weekend of Peeps at the local Bally’s [his philosophy: if he gets in shape, he’ll look exactly like Brady Quinn (minus the man-whore) because he’s tall and has dark hair; by this rationale he also looks like George Clooney, Pierce Brosnan, and maybe Denzel Washington], where he was forced to watch the Twins get whooped by the Yankees while being eye-raped by a guy on a treadmill that was WAY into the new “Bachelor” on ABC. Due to J Fizzle’s narcissim and TC’s poorly-timed incoming call, we both missed Jon Bon Jovi flipping off the officials after the fumble-recovery touchdown. We apologize for our oversight, and direct you to Deadspin, which has the full story. We pledge to continue to deliver the best (read: lazy and smug) commentary on the AFL, and promise that if we fuck up again, we’ll post another link to Deadspin.

From TC’s point of view:

What? I missed Bon Jovi giving the double deuce to the referees? How? HOW?!? Was it when I was on the phone? No? It must have been when I was pissed off about the shape of the end zones not being uniform. (See roughly 8:50 PM.) My priorities are completely screwed up. I’m turning in my Imaginary Journalism credentials. The good news is, Bon Jovi is hilarious, and fired up about a team that he owns. Considering that one of my favorite professional sports teams is owned by Bill Wirtz, who actively hates the sport, his teams, and his three remaining fans, I’ll take Mr. Bon Jovi, thank you.




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