This is What Happens When You Get a Link on Deadspin

29 03 2007


What happens is that your small little Mom and Pop blog, [TC note: Who’s the mom? Do I have to be the mom?] which since its beginning was generally getting ten to twenty hits a day, gets almost 1,500 hits in four hours.

Thank you, Deadspin, for this little moment in the sun.

Now get ready for us to be totally awkward. We’re going to call you like twenty times a day, and when you don’t call us back, we’ll ask if we did something wrong. Two months down the road, you’ll totally be chilling with Ladies… and With Leather at the club, and we’ll stumble over to you, maybe throw a drink in your face, and tell everyone willing to listen that we’re too good for you, and then we’ll probably vomit on our shoes and fall asleep at the all-night Burger King down the street.

Fair warning. And now, back to business as usual. Which for TC, means finding adorable Disney-feature-worthy animals to slaughter for his Investment Banking (note: not really investment banking) Overlords, and for J Fizzle, doing whatever it is he does at his office while staring wistfully at the strip club across the street.




One response

29 03 2007
J Fizzle

TC, you don’t HAVE to be the Mom, you GET to be the Mom. Now please get the kids ready for school and make me some Manwich.

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