Infiltrating SportsNation, sass not accepted

28 03 2007

SportsNation Official GrampaOnce again, your favorite editor with a “J” in his handle successfully infiltrated ESPN’s SportsNation with Scouts Inc. Official Grampa Gary Horton.

Question he didn’t answer today: “Hey Gary, didn’t your mom teach you to smile in pictures?”

Question he did field:

J, Chicago IL: Good afternoon, Gary. Do you think Arizona has what it takes to become a mid-season powerhouse, or are they doomed to go back to early season woes and keep losing by margins of 4 points or less?

SportsNation Gary Horton: (4:20 PM ET ) Arizona is a very interesting team, and I like what I saw last weekend. Their first three loses were by a combined 10 points, and if you really break them down, it is easy to see that they have an explosive offense that can score with anyone. But for the first three weeks of the season their D was so poor that they had to score a ton of points and then hold on for dear life. They finally made some stops last week, and caused some turnovers. In this league you do not have to be great on defense if you have an explosive offense, but you do need to make two or three stops per game. I think Arizona will start to do that, and with their offense they will get right back in the playoffs race. They are a dangerous 1-3 team.

Hmm. Guess he reads It’s Still Football. Other interesting things of notice that Gary decided to weighed in:

Mike: hey Garty you see the guy jump out of the stands to break up a pass this week in the Orlando-Dallas game? Does the league worry that we may see more of that due to the proximity of the fans?

SportsNation Gary Horton: (4:10 PM ET ) I think there is a fine line between this league being so fan friendly that they want people to have a good time, but also fans not getting too close to the action, or falling out of the stands like last night. I could see that becoming a bit of a problem if nothing is done. Because as we all know a lot of people love being on camera, and if there are no penalties involved we could see more of it. But I don’t think this league wants to become too strict and limit the fans enjoyment.

It’s Still Football says: Mike, Peach Shirt most certainly did not jump. It was a mildly-controlled tumble.

Mel (NY): Is Rohan Davey the answer for NY at QB?

SportsNation Gary Horton: (4:32 PM ET ) I don’t think he is. Although he played better last week than he has. But I just don’t think he is consistent enough to play well on a weekly basis. This is a team that was totally dependent on QB Aaron Garcia, and without him they are not even close, even though they have a very good WRs. Davey has promise but it takes a while in this league to become great at the QB position. And I don’t know if the Dragons can wait that long. But I was surprised that they beat Tampa, and how well Davey played in that game. But let’s see how he plays this week against a great Philadelphia defense.

It’s Still Football says: Mel, either you intentionally answered your own question, or you’re an idiot.

Tom (UK): Hey Gary last week you mentioned that the AFL may look to expand to Europe. I know it’s only been a week but any new news on that front?

SportsNation Gary Horton: (4:40 PM ET ) No I have heard nothing, and my info is not official, I just know there is a lot of excitment for expansion because I think the game would really go over well in Europe. Part of the problem with NFL Europe is that soccer is so big that a lot of the cities hate to have football tearing up their stadiums and many times weather is a factor. And the European fans are used to shorter game. Our NFL games, for examples, are repackaged down to two hours before people in Europe see them. And I think the fact that the AFL is indoors and the games are not as long, and it is an easy start up league, which is very intertaining and fast paced, is something that would appeal to a European audience. And I think we could find more European players that fit the AFL game than the NFL game, which would also attract fans.

It’s Still Football says: We think it’s time for Grampa Gary’s nap.




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