A Steve Bartman wannabe

27 03 2007

His name is “Peach Shirt”

Missed the sweet “fan interference” AFL action on ESPN2 last night? Curious what the ‘peach-shirted douche’ did during the game? Catch the video highlight right here.

As it turns out, he had no effect on the game, as Dallas managed to eek out a 70-49 victory without the TD and subsequent missed field goal going into half time. We here at It’s Still Football admire the balls it took for Peach Shirt to stay on the field and showboat after the play. Well, not admire the balls so much as the Schnapps he probably loaded up on prior to kickoff.

Fellow alcoholic Other Gruden probably would have bought Peach Shirt a drink after the game had the Predators actually won, but winning on Monday Night Football does not seem to be one of Orlando’s early-season strengths.

UPDATE: Check out our in-depth analysis of the footage here.




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27 03 2007
Everything That You Vaguely Wondered About Arena Football « It’s Still Football

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27 03 2007
J Fizzle

The specific outcome, so far as I could tell (as I was furiously typing and actually kind of tuning out the Mikes) was that the play was dead and simply re-played with no penalty to either team. That, and, to my surprise, Peach Shirt was allowed to enjoy the rest of the game, despite the fact he was standing on the wall, fell onto the field, and just chilled for a while before going back to his seat.
So there you have it, Jimmy.

28 03 2007
Zapruder-ing the fan interference at Orlando v Dallas « It’s Still Football

[…] penalty that happened on Monday night as Orlando hosted Dallas. Previously we provided a brief explanation about the incident as was described in the game’s live-blog, linked to the game recap and […]

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