21 03 2007

Granted, it’s SportsNation and the topic is the AFL, but your favorite editor with ‘J’ as an initial got the first question! Dang, why wasn’t I more of an ass? I can be a little more smug next week, but here we are:

J, Chicago, IL: Given their early-season schedule, isn’t it a little soon to be touting Philadelphia as one of the best teams in the league?

SportsNation Gary Horton: (4:07 PM ET )Yeah there is some merit to that, since they have onbly played two games. But I am so high on them because I watched them pretty closely in the preseason and they were a dominant team in some scrimmages. And you had a feeling that they were going to be much more physical and much better defensively than they were a year ago. And the other reason I like them is because they are a veteran team with a lot of confidence. The team I saw in February is the same team I see in March, and I do not think they are a teaser team. And they haven’t even played their best offense yet.

My spelling is better than Gary’s. ROCK.




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