What you’re actually looking for is not here

16 03 2007

Although most of our traffic comes from the ever-faithful Josh and Papa J Fizzle, TC and I noticed on our stats page that we recently had a handful of hits from search engines, all, oddly enough, on Monday night. The first two make some degree of sense:

  1. (1 hit) “usfl”

  2. (1 hit) “ricky santos”

The USFL, referenced in J Fizzle’s inaugural post, was a mid-80’s spring-summer professional football league that featured 2-point conversions and play challenges, both of which were adopted by the NFL. Although the post contains no actual information on the USFL, aside from its relative practicality compared to the AFL in that it was much similar to the ever-popular NFL, this search result is CERTIFIED RELEVANT.

Ricky Santos, the Walter Payton award-winning QB of Division II powerhouse New Hampshire, was referenced in our post about the AFL’s new display in the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a possible future star of the AFL, but we suspect he’s actually good enough to have a shot at playing in the NFL. This search result is also CERTIFIED RELEVANT.

Our final search hit, though, makes no degree of sense:

   3. (3 hits) “Carrie Underwood”

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is a past winner of American Idol who has turned out to be more successful than fellow Idol winner Ruben Studdard and certainly has nicer hair than Justin Guarini. Her tie to the AFL, which is a slightly make-believe sport, appropriate because she is a slightly make-believe celebrity, is that a possible future-AFL standout, Ricky Santos, is a Walter Peyton award-winner, just like Dallas Cowboys hottie QB Tony Romo, whom is currently, so far as we know, plowing Ms. Underwood. That’s the full six degrees of logical separation as referenced in the Hall of Fame post, and we apologise to Ms. Underwood’s fans for leading them astray, as this is CERTIFIED IRRELEVANT. This website has nothing to do with Carrie Underwood, American Idol, the Dallas Cowboys, Big Tuna, or Drew Bledsoe, who was backed up by Tom Brady for the New England Patriots, Tom being a graduate from Michigan, where he played for the Michigan Wolverines, who play in the Big Ten and the Big House, which has nothing to do with This Old House or Bob Villa, not to be confused with Bob Costas who works for NBC which aired Friends and Seinfeld which featured Michael Richards, who got into hot water just like Mel Gibson,who made The Passion of the Christ, which was about Jesus, who was into carpentry and inspired country music and artists like Carrie Underwood.

This blog has nothing to do with any of that. Sorry for the confusion. But thank you for the visit.




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