Week 2 recap

13 03 2007

TC escaped from his Investment Banking Overlords (note: they’re not technically Investment Banking Overlords, they’re more like Loan Agent Overlords, but the former sounds somuch better) long enough to watch an exciting match-up between the LA Avengers and the Orlando Predators, which included

  1. Overtime play
  2. A fumble that lasted approx. six hours 
  3. Angry Pudgy Other-Gruden

And, as promised, a live-blog shall be presented long after it is pertinent, but because TC is slaving over a puppy-snack-prep table, and J Fizzle is busy doing whatever the hell it is he does at his 9-5, we instead will leave you with the following cartoon gleaned from the Internets, because we rounded out a pretty fantastic evening of rockin’ guitars, from the intro AFL broadcast video, all the way to playing Trogdor on Guitar Hero II.

Guitar Hero II




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