The AFL has a display in Canton! And it’s as awesome as you’d expect

12 03 2007

Great news from Steve Perry, the President of the Pro Football Hall of Fame: the AFL is going to have an exhibit in Canton, and it’s going to be the most comprehensive Arena Football display ever to grace the world of sports. According to ESPN (whose coverage of the AFL thus far has been surprisingly in-depth; I don’t think I’ve seen such a commitment to great analysis since the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation dedicated a page to competitive curling), the display will include interactive elements in the form of two computers with information; also, not only can you see an actual AFL jersey and helmet in the exhibit, you can see… an actual AFL football. Rounding out the exhibit is a looped two-minute highlight reel. That’s about it.

Oh, and also, the exhibit is built on real AFL turf, in case you’ve never been to a driving range and felt AstroTurf before.

I, for one (and I speak for TC even though I haven’t run it by him)(and in all seriousness think it’s actually a nice thing to have, given the league has existed for over twenty years), am excited that Canton will from here on out be “dedicated to chronicling the past, present and future of the Arena Football League”. In terms of the AFL, that means, “Kurt Warner“, “Reminding everyone that Kurt Warner used to play in the AFL”, and maybe “Ricky Santos“.

I take that back. Ricky’s actually really good. And a previous Walter Payton award winner was Tony Romo. And he’s banging Carrie Underwood.




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