Humble pie :-(

9 03 2007

Gladiators 79, Rampage 69

Gladiators stomped on some throats

I guess the Gladiators caught a trailer for 300 before the opening kickoff, whipping them into an offensive frenzy. Mississippi State alum Kevin Prentiss (not to be confused with Mississippi Valley State alum Jerry Rice) pulled down an AFL-record nine TD catches from Gladiator QB Shaun King (25 of 33 for 373 yards, 10 TDs) previously of Tulane and Tampa Bay Bucs fame, a career move that could be described as a ‘reverse Kurt Warner’. The Rampage, to their credit, held their own, but history is written by the victors. Screw ’em.

J Fizzle’s Can’t Miss Random Picks start the season 0-1 (like Philadelphia, we had a week one bye), but he would like to remind you that 1) he knows nothing about the AFL, and 2) if you took it as a serious pick you are clearly an idiot.




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21 03 2007
Week 4 Power Rankings; Can't Miss Random Pick « It’s Still Football

[…] time for Arizona to show everyone what they’re all about, and Las Vegas can’t break my heart twice in three […]

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