The worst idea we’ve had in a long time

5 03 2007

TC and I have been saying for WEEKS that we should find a topic on which we could write jointly, and last Friday, as I patrolled the Internets trying to pass time in the waning hours of my work day, I found that ESPN has a new dedicated page to the ongoings of the Arena Football League. It seems, that after 20 years of existence and extremely mild popularity, gaged mostly by a limited-release EA Sports simulation game, that ESPN, in an attempt to fill the schedule of ESPN 2 not already occupied by strong-man competitions, poker, fishing, paintball, and spelling bees, signed a contract to broadcast a total of 29 AFL games.

Holy balls, I thought. 29 chances to watch the bastard cousin of the NFL. It’s brilliant! It’s less sexy than the XFL but has more longevity, and it’s entirely less practical than the USFL. Really, it’s a combination of the grace and strategy of football married with the appeal of professional wrestling, and I’ve already seen every NFL film ever produced. I must watch. It has to be more exciting than watching the fucking combine. And since this is a subpar sport, it won’t matter if TC and I’s blogging efforts are subpar as well!

When I pitched the idea to TC an hour before the KC Brigade took on the Chicago Rush Sunday, he loved it, much in the way you love an adorable puppy that can’t stop pooping during a fancy dinner party.

And that, really, is the perfect analogy for this sport and what we expect to make of this blog.




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26 04 2014
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